The Civil Wars

Haunting, Acoustic, Raw.

I discovered The Civil Wars while brushing my teeth one winter morning while getting ready for work.  I always keep noise in the background when I am getting ready, and this particular morning I had chosen VH1’s JumpStart. I usually hear typical and overly produced tunes on VH1, yet, this day I stopped dead in my brushing when I heard the first chord of their song Barton Hollow and they were listed as a You Oughta Know Artist.  I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded the album and fell in LOVE. 

I have passed this duo’s name to every music lover I know. I want the entire world to hear their voices, songwriting and musical craftsmanship. My Brother and Sister-in-Law as Austin Radio have started performing “Forget Me Not”. My Grandma has a copy of the Barton Hollow Album, my coworkers are dealing with my Pandora station with numerous songs by them- it is EVERYWHERE!

We were given the opportunity via 103.7 the Mountain to hear them up close and personal after I dropped the ball and didn’t get tickets to their Seattle show in time. It was a small in studio performance with around 30 audience members. Myself, Husband, Brother and Sis-in-Law all sat in the audience captivated by their talent.  We managed to have a quick chat with Joy and John Paul before we left.  What down to earth artists they are. We ADORE them and their music. If you want a taste of their sound, check out their free download from Edie’s Attic.