Snow Days

This week the Northwest experienced a whole lot of snow, a whole lot of ice, and a whole lot of darkness.  Now coming from Central Washington, I am no stranger to snow. I drive an all wheel drive, go slow, and bunker down when needed. Nevertheless, I found myself worried during the inevitable disasters around us. I had the holiday off on Monday, and made it to work on Tuesday, with my boss questioning my sanity. “You’re here? It is going to get bad, you should go home..” I stayed the day and came home with no problems. The next day we woke up to more than a foot of snow on the ground. Living in a large city with limited snow removal resources, the roads were messy. My office closed, so I managed to have a relaxing and fun snow day.  The next day came the ice. It hailed, rained, and then sleeted for hours. The neighboring trees started to crack.  Then in the back, we heard the slow loud crack of a tree. Our corkscrew willow had lost its entire top.  It’s really a shame, its our favorite shade tree in the summer. A few hours the lights went out. Our house stayed dark for 36 hours. Luckily we have a gas fireplace. It kept the house at a cool 50 degrees. Of course, nothing we couldn’t handle. Neighbors were helping neighbors dig out, making sure everyone had what they needed. What a wonderful show of neighborly kindness. We dug, we laughed, and commiserated about the situation. All in all, I worked 1 of the 4 workdays this week, and loved EVERY second.