I have been taking weekend walks to supplement my activities during the week, and found myself at The Nisqually Wildlife Refuge outside of Olympia, WA.  It is a haven for waterfowl during the winter months.  There are no dogs allowed, and there is a use fee of $3 which is well worth the experience. The boardwalk twists through the refuge area showing the public beautiful views of the sound and feathered friends who call it home. I came across different wintering waterfowl including,  Eagles, Hawks, Trumpeter Swans, Herons, Ducks, and Canadian Geese.  It was a quiet, calm and beautiful place.  I was one of a few early birds risers on a grey and damp Saturday Morning, and those that shared the boardwalk were equipped with warm clothes and binoculars. They were there for a day of bird watching.  I, not as well prepared, had a light jacket and my camera bag. In hindsight a warm hat and gloves would be a good idea.

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge