Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail

Some places are just wondrous NW specialties tucked into our very own backyard. Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail is one of those gems.  We took a short trip out to this beautiful trail to see a  show of nature that has always interested me ever since that 2nd grade field trip to the section of the Yakima River that passes through Easton Washington. The salmon are showing their resilience by traveling back to their home river to spawn. This can also be called a Salmon Run.  The Kennedy Creek Trail offers a beautifully maintained trail with interpretive signs and a trail host to explain the salmon life cycle.  There is even a fish cam!  (if you have never seen salmon show their teeth, you will get a chance on the fish cam) The area is maintained by the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group and they are doing an excellent job of educating the public and showcasing this awesome trek our NW salmon make.