One of the few

Today I spent some time in Puyallup, Washington taking in the last of a dying tradition. Puyallup Valley used to be known as the premier place to grow bulbs for tulips and daffodils.  The street signs in town clearly indicate a proud herritage of Daffodil Farms.  I visited one of the last two daffodil farms in the area, which has decided to call it quits after generations (90 years!) of farming.  The area is sprawling and the farm will most likely be purchased for futher development.  When walking to the main storefront of Van Lierop’s, many extra things are for sale above and beyond flowers.  I managed to pick up 3- 80 year old bulb boxes.  They will gain new life as garden boxes for my greens gardent this summer.  Plows, buckets, wheel barrows and miscelaneous farm equiptment have hand priced tags.

The fields are still blooming. When I romanticize about fields of flowers- I see rows and rows of golden yellow blooms. This is not the case at Van Lierop’s, as the flowers are picked before they bloom. I managed to find a small batch that had survived the daily cut, that are tucked in rows of green overlooked by Mt. Rainier. I will get my fill of endless blooms in the coming weeks up near Mt. Vernon I suppose.

Although an era is ending for Van Lierop’s Bulb farm, they take pride in their flowers and are clearly loved by the community.  Perhaps who ever purchases the farm will continue the legacy…

Daffodil1 Daffodil2 Daffodil3 Daffodil4 Daffodil6 Daffodil5