Brave NW Gardening

For some, May seems like the absolutely appropriate time to start a garden. Here in Western Washington, things are a little different. Tomato plants shiver thinking of frost, beans wither just by the sight of cold dewy mornings, and gardeners unite in one brave move to get their plants in the ground at the first sight of sun.  The Hubs made another planter box for me this  year, since the last years have proved the need for more room.  It has been unseasonably warm this week (today we were the hottest state in the country), and the weather offered the perfect window to get my plants started.  We’ll see how they do, I have a lot of travel scheduled for work this summer, so if half the plants survive, I will call the garden a success. (also, I am not a magician, the Hubs also helped to take photos)


Garden2 Garden3 Garden4 Garden5

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