Our Tiny Piece of Paradise

After what seemed like a Pacific Northwest Spring to last forever, we finally had an opportunity to get out of the Suburban Life and get back to Nature.  After what seemed like a comedy gone awry-6 disappointing hours of searching for an open camp site in the Mt. St. Helens Area Gifford Pinchot National Forrest, we stumbled upon the gem that is Lake Merrill. It is a small day use area with 7 small pack in campsites. No motorized boats, fly fishing catch and release heaven. We got set up, managed to have our friends meet up and we had an excellent weekend of relaxation, laughs, and getting back to each other without being plugged in. It easily raised the question, “Why did we wait this long?”


My life revolves around my current immediate family. Consisting of myself, my Husband, Our dogs- Tahoe & Cedar, and our cats- Sam & Hans.  I left for a quick overnight to go to a family function without them, and boy, it was hard.

First let me explain my morning on Saturday:  It was the Washington State Pet Expo at the Puyallup Fairgrounds and I was going to volunteer with a fantastic rescue organization called Saving Great Animals. These people have hearts larger than any group I have ever encountered. The helped us find a home for a coworker’s sweet dog, and have captured our doggie-lovin’ hearts with their flexibility and networking skills. I offered to help with what I can, since we can’t be a foster home for adoptable dogs that get rescued by SGA.  I was given the task of picking up and transporting a sweet boy named Tigger. He wasn’t the cuddliest face, but was big in heart and soul. I immediately connected with him. I couldn’t stay the whole day, but managed to walk him in a “fashion show” and take him out in the crowds of animal lovers for exposure. Later I got word that he found his forever home. Good luck sweet Tigger, you deserve only the best.

After a fun weekend away with friends and family, it was time to head home. I walked into my back yard and was immediately greeted by our girls. Cedar was so thrilled to see her “mama” that she continued to roll around in the yard. I call this series of photos, “The Many Expressions of Happiness by way of Dog”

We adopted our girls, ALL of them. They have been the joy and pride of our little family. They bring constant joy and companionship to our marriage.  If you or anyone you know is seeking a furry friend, please consider adopting from a local rescue. I have lots of contacts that would love to help you. Just shoot me an email.