This Place

There’s this place- a place where you feel a million miles away but still so connected to everything around you. It is quiet, it is vast, and it feels old.
This place, is Frenchman Coulee, The Feathers. I spent a few years climbing these beautiful columns (final photo is from that time) and couldn’t resist the urge to stop, smell the sage, and take in the view on my way across the state this week.

Although I no longer climb here, I still feel so free in this place.

Feathers-3a Feathers-1a Feathers-9a Feathers-2a Feathers-8a Feathers-7a Feathers-6a Feathers-4a Feathers-5aFeathers10


Cliff Garden

There has always been a point of curiosity for me on the end of a high, steep cliff in Central Washington. On my way anywhere near Wenatchee, I would drive by and wonder why is that part of the cliff covered in beautiful green against the rugged brown stone elsewhere. The answer is Ohme Gardens.  This place is spectacular and well worth the $7 admission. My only regret was that my work day had run longer than scheduled, and I only had a few moments to wind my way through. This is a pack a picnic, sit and enjoy kind of place. Started in 1929, by Mr. & Mrs. Ohme, the little lush space was mastered. It is loop of twisted (and steep) stone paths overlooking the Columbia River and the town of Wenatchee.

Here are a few shots from my quick trip through the garden in what can only be described as a poor shoe choice for the adventure.

OhmeGardens-8 OhmeGardens-12 OhmeGardens-21 OhmeGardens-13 OhmeGardens-15 OhmeGardens-17 OhmeGardens-18 OhmeGardens-22 OhmeGardens-24

Into the Woods

I have been wanting to go mushrooming for a while now. (maybe it was the Fall Fungi discovered last week that inspired me) It was an old family past time of tredging through the woods in jeans and flannel, boots and wool socks. As a true mushroomer, I can’t disclose our location, but the pickins were very slim. My partner in crime and I wantered off the trails to find only one, very large Chanterelle. 3 hours passed with lots of laughter, lots of mud, and the prize of the one missing ingredient I needed for my pasta tonight in my basket.

Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail

Some places are just wondrous NW specialties tucked into our very own backyard. Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail is one of those gems.  We took a short trip out to this beautiful trail to see a  show of nature that has always interested me ever since that 2nd grade field trip to the section of the Yakima River that passes through Easton Washington. The salmon are showing their resilience by traveling back to their home river to spawn. This can also be called a Salmon Run.  The Kennedy Creek Trail offers a beautifully maintained trail with interpretive signs and a trail host to explain the salmon life cycle.  There is even a fish cam!  (if you have never seen salmon show their teeth, you will get a chance on the fish cam) The area is maintained by the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group and they are doing an excellent job of educating the public and showcasing this awesome trek our NW salmon make.