I was fortunate enough to know my Great Grandma Sigrid. We were pen pals when I was just a kid.  She’s been gone for several years now, but I love to think of what her wild younger days would have been like as a young woman in Montana surrounded by brothers.  Something tells me we would have gotten along. My Gram and I found her diary from those years and we’ve cherished it. Our family has strong Finnish Heritage from her and I managed to come across a peice of it. Finn Bread.  This was a recipe in her recipe box for years, passed through the hands of a few of the women in my family. I’m lucky to have it now in my kitchen collection. I have substituted white flour for all whole wheat flour and an eggwash to make the bread have some shine. My favorite part of the recipe is the word “flop”. Any instruction to flop, I will take with all seriousness.

GreatGrandma1 FinnBread-1a FinnBread-2a FinnBread-4a FinnBread-5a FinnBread-7a FinnBread-8a FinnBread-9a