Quick Getaway

We were all in desperate need of a night away and a certain friend was turning 29.  Not the one when you say you are “29”, but the real 29. She mentioned a few weeks back that she had never been gambling. Now being a native to the NW, I know of many Tribal casinos the within 30 minutes of Olympia but the Handsome was eavesdropping and mentioned Quinault Beach Resort & Casino.  “We can stay and PLAY!”  That right there sold us, and we booked rooms right away.  With a call to the dogsitter and quick roadtrip we were off.  Our rooms were nice, fireplace, beach view.  Although the fog was thick both days, we enjoyed the sounds more than the view.  The gambling was a success for most, food was excellent at the buffet- crab legs for the ladies, prime rib for the men.  (sorry no pictures from the casino due to gaming regulations…) We topped the weekend off with a wander down to the beach in the rain and the wind where no one lasted more than a 15 minutes, although I felt like I could have stayed all day with the wind, water, and waves.beach-1 beach-2 beach-5 beach-3

Busy Busy Busy

It has been a busy month- Me and Hubs both have December Birthdays, have lots of friends and family to visit during the holidays, and still have to do our  ‘day’ jobs… Here is what we have been up to…


Birthday in NYC

I have led a very well-traveled life for many reasons.  This weekend my aunt, my sister, and I took an impromptu flight to the Big Apple for 12 hours of Manhattan Madness.

My sister and I share a birthday week, so it was only appropriate that we have a birthday dinner complete with NY cheesecake at Amici II. We had a lovely time, taking in the sights, the city sounds, and the beautiful holiday magic. There is something very warm about a bustling city covered in holiday lights, even at 3 am….