Carkeek Park Photo Session

I was lucky enough to zip up to Seattle’s Carkeek Park for a beach and fun filled photo session with this sweet family.  These girls are as energetic as they are adorable .  The park offered great views and the best playground in town. We all left worn out and happy. It was a true summer’s day!  Hoping them only the best for the rest!

MaxeyFamily-5A MaxeyFamily-8B MaxeyFamily-7A MaxeyFamily-9A MaxeyFamily-11A MaxeyFamily-16B

Hometown Connections

There are times where I am able to reconnect with old friends. This is Liz and her adorable family…with another on the way.  She was my playmate and neighbor for years as a little girl, and I was so happy to share a moment of joy with her growing family during this photo session. We spent the day in Roslyn, a place where we spent alot of our time as kids together, selling lemonade and playing in the forest. Now her girls will get the chance to do the same.

Wishing her only the best with this new addition.

Liz4 Liz7 Liz2 Liz3 Liz6 Liz10


I spent a morning with these sisters (their folks, too) at Tumwater Falls for a quick photo session. The occassion was that there was a graduate in the mix and all the family was together in one place for the first time in years. One lives in British Columbia, one in Seattle, and one in Panama! I love when I can share the joy with a family at a time like this.Jones-75a










Boys will Be Boys

I love family photo sessions, have I mentioned that?  I especially enjoy “kid only” photo sessions, as they allows a little bit of goofing off, lots of sitting in the grass, and silly jokes for real smiles.With a new little brother in the mix, the Mom & Dad of these three have their hands full.

Ovist-1d Ovist-2c Ovist-5d Ovist-11d Ovist-9d Ovist-10d Ovist-12c