Glorious Spring

Season changes can make the world of difference. Here in the great PNW, the first day of spring brought giant clouds in a bright blue sky.  I had to take full advantage and get out there- my creativity has finally escaped the winter blues.

Spring1 Spring2 Spring4 Spring3 Spring5

Cliff Garden

There has always been a point of curiosity for me on the end of a high, steep cliff in Central Washington. On my way anywhere near Wenatchee, I would drive by and wonder why is that part of the cliff covered in beautiful green against the rugged brown stone elsewhere. The answer is Ohme Gardens.  This place is spectacular and well worth the $7 admission. My only regret was that my work day had run longer than scheduled, and I only had a few moments to wind my way through. This is a pack a picnic, sit and enjoy kind of place. Started in 1929, by Mr. & Mrs. Ohme, the little lush space was mastered. It is loop of twisted (and steep) stone paths overlooking the Columbia River and the town of Wenatchee.

Here are a few shots from my quick trip through the garden in what can only be described as a poor shoe choice for the adventure.

OhmeGardens-8 OhmeGardens-12 OhmeGardens-21 OhmeGardens-13 OhmeGardens-15 OhmeGardens-17 OhmeGardens-18 OhmeGardens-22 OhmeGardens-24

April Showers

There are stark differences between last weekend and this weekend. Last weekend it was sunny, cloud free and 70 degrees. This weekend, it is dark, rainy and a cool 55 degrees. I’m glad I listened to my intuition and didn’t plant my little tomato seedlings outside just yet.  They are happily growing in their atrium perched on the kitchen window. Luckily, the outside plants have started to bloom- weeping cherry trees, magnolias, as well as my pansies and primroses.  Here is a tour of our backyard blooms.

Bloom-1 Bloom-2 Bloom-10 Bloom-3 Bloom-6 Bloom-9 Bloom-7 Bloom-8


I love fresh flowers on my dining room table. I have no particular favorite type of flower, but a blast of color in a house that is neutral is always a welcomed jolt. This evening a dinner guest brought these lovely buds in gratitude for a home cooked meal.  Such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture.