A sweet little project

I know this sweet little boy who loves trains, but loves to be in the kitchen with his Mom just a little bit more. She has started a small specialty catering business and has been “pintesting” a whole bunch of recipes lately.  This Mom called me and comissioned me to make a special Chef’s apron just for her little guy.  I found the perfect print and the perfect time to finish it this weekend. I can’t wait to see him working hard in the kitchen wearing his new made “JUST for him” apron… and a another little suprise I can’t quite tell… (the package is in the mail). Bon Appétit Jake!

Project-1a Project-5a Project-3a Project-2a Project-4a

Into the Woods

I have been wanting to go mushrooming for a while now. (maybe it was the Fall Fungi discovered last week that inspired me) It was an old family past time of tredging through the woods in jeans and flannel, boots and wool socks. As a true mushroomer, I can’t disclose our location, but the pickins were very slim. My partner in crime and I wantered off the trails to find only one, very large Chanterelle. 3 hours passed with lots of laughter, lots of mud, and the prize of the one missing ingredient I needed for my pasta tonight in my basket.

getting our happy on…

It’s that time of the year to be doing it at a trot, doing it at a gallop, doing it real slow so our hearts won’t palpitate– The Fair that is! A friend and her daughter were needing some definate happy time, so I whisked them up to the best fair in the Northwest; The Puyallup Fair. We munched on Krusty Pups with curly fries and hot, fresh Fisher Scones, took a ride on the swings, and saw and attempted to pet every animal around.  Going to the fair with kids is a grown up reminder of how much fun the fair can really be!

Fellas and Dogs

I had a chance for a quick evening session with two sweet boys and their dogs. We used Wonderwood Park in Lacey as a backdrop. Its one of my favorite parks in the area because it has beautiful trees, a mix of paved and unpaved trails, and there are always families there.  The boys were silly, and the dogs were sillier. It always adds a fun element of suprise with two wiggly Dachshunds and an overly affectionate Pomeranian.

Summer Gals’ Getaway

There is something therapeutic about gathering up two of your best friends, finding a camping spot, and spending the night.  We all have very busy schedules with career, family, and life in general, so the ability to make a weekend work is a miracle.  Coming from our triangular locations, we decided on Paradise Point State Park.  It is a small Washington State Park on the Lewis River and right off from I-5. We stayed in the more primitive group of sites, packing in our comforts (and by comforts- I mean food…lots of camping fare).  It was quiet, mellow, and exactly what we needed to get reconnected. ImageImageImageImage