Hunt & Gather Wreath

As you may have noticed, I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

There is endless nature to be discovered, scenery as far as the eye can see, and gifts only the cool damp weather can bring.

With the holidays in full swing, I thought I would gather a few pieces of my favorite place and put a wreath together. I chose to hop over to my favorite green belt and pick up the left overs from a recent wind storm. It was a win-win.


Here is what you will need:

Florist Wire

Wreath form (I used a maple branch)

Various Evergreen Boughs


Start by forming your wreath by bending the branch into a circle. Wire together tightly.

Grab about 4 boughs at a time, laying them on the wreath form, and tightly wrapping with wire to secure them. I used several pieces of wire instead of continuously wrapping. Continue around the entire wreath form adding different sets of boughs for different textures.  Wrap a hanger to the main circle of the wreath.  Tuck in a garnishments-holly, pine cones, or as I did, curly willow branches.

Give to your neighbors- hang on your door- share a bit of love.

Wreath4 Wreath1 Wreath2 Wreath3 Wreath5


The Season

It has been quiet around the blog lately.  Work, fun trips, and the holidays have kept me away. At our house this weekend, we were preparing for the season by hanging our lights on the house, tree farming and holiday correspondence (the envelopes even have addresses done by hand thanks to my recent interest in calligraphy) . Also lots of homemade soup, homemade bread, and wool socks have been around to keep us cozy.

I think as time slows down, I will have more time to take photos, but for now, the speed of family, friends, and festivities is keeping my attention. My Instagram has been doing most of the work lately since the Nikon hasn’t been on all of my recent adventures.  Here are a few exceptions.

shareabitofholiday shareabitofholiday2 shareabitofholiday1 shareabitofholiday3 shareabitofholiday5 shareabitofholiday4