Grandmother’s Pride & Joy

I’ve known my favorite family with the big red barn for many, many years. Many of those years were without a photo of everyone at the same time in the same place.

When asked by Grandma Kathy to take photos of the many kids who have called the family property home, I was happy to get the camera out and capture a moment in time for her.  It was a cold and very windy day- and everyone did their part to make it a fun and QUICK photo session.  I see why there is so much of a Grandmother’s Pride & Joy in these photos as each grandchild brings laughter and happiness to her in their own way.

Grandkids-1a Grandkids-8b Grandkids-9aGrandkids-7b Grandkids-17a Grandkids-18a

Boys will Be Boys

I love family photo sessions, have I mentioned that?  I especially enjoy “kid only” photo sessions, as they allows a little bit of goofing off, lots of sitting in the grass, and silly jokes for real smiles.With a new little brother in the mix, the Mom & Dad of these three have their hands full.

Ovist-1d Ovist-2c Ovist-5d Ovist-11d Ovist-9d Ovist-10d Ovist-12c

Fun & Games

Just because we don’t have children of our own yet, doesn’t mean we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy all that spring has to offer in the way of kid activities.  As a kid, I loved our hometown easter egg hunt, and loved to find treats hiding in the grass. Now that all of our closest friends have kids, its the perfect opportunity for fun. This was the third annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house.  We stuffed and hid 200 plastic eggs filled with spring surprises for our favorite 5 kids to find.  This year was particularly fun, since they are all kindergarten to 3rd grade, the perfect amount of competition.  We also had a gunny sack race, three-legged race with the dads and a shoe kick competition.  I was so concerned that the kids would be bored at our house without having all the kid things they are used to, but it turns out they just wanted to hop our little back yard fence, color with chalk, and play ball.  What a perfect way to welcome spring. Easter-9 Easter-10 Easter-15 Easter-16 Easter-14 Easter-8

Fellas and Dogs

I had a chance for a quick evening session with two sweet boys and their dogs. We used Wonderwood Park in Lacey as a backdrop. Its one of my favorite parks in the area because it has beautiful trees, a mix of paved and unpaved trails, and there are always families there.  The boys were silly, and the dogs were sillier. It always adds a fun element of suprise with two wiggly Dachshunds and an overly affectionate Pomeranian.