Austin Radio

What does a little rain, a guitar, and family all have in common? A photo session with Austin Radio.

I had the pleasure of taking some new promo shots for my favorite acoustic rock & country duo.  They happen to be family, but don’t jump to conclusions thinking that I am biased about their talent. These two elude fun when they sing. They are engaging, personal, and above all, incredible musicians.  We took a rainy summer evening and knocked out a few shots at an undisclosed location. (Let’s say, we didn’t get permission…)

If you get a chance, check them out and go see them live.  They have a few gigs lined up this summer in the Olympia area.

AustinRadio3c AustinRadio5b AustinRadio1c AustinRadio9c AustinRadio12c AustinRadio10c AustinRadio11b AustinRadio4c AustinRadio8c AustinRadio6b AustinRadio7c


What This Country Needs

I recently had the opportunity to work with Broken Trail out of Olympia, Washington. They are a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest country music scene, and asked me to do some new promotional photos for them.

Broken Trail formed in 1996 and consists of four outstanding musicians and an incredible sound engineer. They play a mix of classic country, a little rock, and some of their own original songs. These guys have been known to rock local casinos, clubs, and private events.  They have a self released album, “What This Country Needs” and several scheduled performances this summer.

BrokenTrail-4C BrokenTrail-6A BrokenTrail-1B

The Civil Wars

Haunting, Acoustic, Raw.

I discovered The Civil Wars while brushing my teeth one winter morning while getting ready for work.  I always keep noise in the background when I am getting ready, and this particular morning I had chosen VH1’s JumpStart. I usually hear typical and overly produced tunes on VH1, yet, this day I stopped dead in my brushing when I heard the first chord of their song Barton Hollow and they were listed as a You Oughta Know Artist.  I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded the album and fell in LOVE. 

I have passed this duo’s name to every music lover I know. I want the entire world to hear their voices, songwriting and musical craftsmanship. My Brother and Sister-in-Law as Austin Radio have started performing “Forget Me Not”. My Grandma has a copy of the Barton Hollow Album, my coworkers are dealing with my Pandora station with numerous songs by them- it is EVERYWHERE!

We were given the opportunity via 103.7 the Mountain to hear them up close and personal after I dropped the ball and didn’t get tickets to their Seattle show in time. It was a small in studio performance with around 30 audience members. Myself, Husband, Brother and Sis-in-Law all sat in the audience captivated by their talent.  We managed to have a quick chat with Joy and John Paul before we left.  What down to earth artists they are. We ADORE them and their music. If you want a taste of their sound, check out their free download from Edie’s Attic.