Photographing the Photographer

I scheduled a session with some lovely ladies to capture some shots for a local perfume maker to highligh “beauty”.  The weather didn’t cooperate for us.  I had to reschedule, and today was the perfect day for a session. Unfortunately, no one was available on such short notice, so I took matters into my own hands to grab a few shots.

I recently purchased a few staples for the ol’ camera- a tripod and a remote.  Total puchase: $43.68 thanks to the clearance rack.

Normally,  I’m not one to take photos of myself, but given the “assignment” I wanted to try out my new gear.  The sun was just right. So was my mood. Maybe it isn’t so bad to come out from behind the camera every now and then.

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I spent a morning with these sisters (their folks, too) at Tumwater Falls for a quick photo session. The occassion was that there was a graduate in the mix and all the family was together in one place for the first time in years. One lives in British Columbia, one in Seattle, and one in Panama! I love when I can share the joy with a family at a time like this.Jones-75a










Spring Photography Special

It’s that time of year!

Spring Photo Sessions are in high demand, and to celebrate the sun coming back, I’ve decided to promote a Spring Special!

If you live or are willing to travel to Olympia,WA and book a session by May 1st, you can take advantage of this deal! Please go to my contact page or facebook page to get started!

Here are the Details:

Special Ends May 1st

Special Valid May 1st through May 30th


1 hour session

up to5 people

10 images on disk

Website Collage

A Family Affair

My favorite little family approached me about a quick and very cold November photoshoot in Tacoma, Washington as a gift to their mom & dad. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I used my favorite Tacoma backdrop and we were set, albeit very cold.  It is always fun to take photos of friends and to know it would make a mother cry of happiness, made it that much more special. The kids gave her the portraits on Christmas, and word on the street is that she cried some pretty happy tears. Mission accomplished

Siblings BrotherSister Brother Sister Family

My Favorite Subjects

I have had more of an opportunity to really hone in on my skills for portraits this summer.  Be it vacation, business, or just around the house, I love to snap photos of the unique personalities around me. Here are a few examples of why:

My handsome Hubby- He is probably more often than not my number one subject. Lucky for me he is willing tolerant of my massive photo obsession. He always knows how to pose comfortably and really let me do my thing.

Kids- They always give an honest expression, like it or not, it is what it is. I can’t even count the many photos snapped with boogers, frowns, and tears….that is until I crawl in the mud to get the shot. Somehow, I always get a smile for that one.

Brides- These girls are all dolled up on one of the biggest and most exciting days of their lives. Even with endless amounts of stress and excitement, they can sit for a few photos with smiles that can be seen for miles.

Sisters- They always know just the right way to ham it up for the camera.  There are always genuine smiles, comfortable and silly poses.

Dads & their kids- When they don’t think the camera is on them, these can be some of the best shots. Always fun, lots of giggles, and the perfect capture of a memory.

Musicians- As a huge fan of acoustic music, I am fortunate to be surrounded by it. Austin Radio happens to be friends of mine, so I often get a change to snap a few photos for them. The beauty is, the photos can so easily show the feel for the music and the all around atmosphere of the performance.