This corner of the world

I have been wanting to get out into the woods a lot more lately it seems.  My house needs some major attention in the cleaning department, but I keep finding really important things that seem to take priority. There are plenty of wet days ahead to take care of the “have to’s”, so I plan on taking advantage of the less rainy days to enjoy what is outside in this corner of the world- the Pacific Northwest and my backyard.




April Showers

There are stark differences between last weekend and this weekend. Last weekend it was sunny, cloud free and 70 degrees. This weekend, it is dark, rainy and a cool 55 degrees. I’m glad I listened to my intuition and didn’t plant my little tomato seedlings outside just yet.  They are happily growing in their atrium perched on the kitchen window. Luckily, the outside plants have started to bloom- weeping cherry trees, magnolias, as well as my pansies and primroses.  Here is a tour of our backyard blooms.

Bloom-1 Bloom-2 Bloom-10 Bloom-3 Bloom-6 Bloom-9 Bloom-7 Bloom-8

Round Here

It is fixing to be a dark week in the Olympia area this week. With Spring, brings rain. More than usual, too.  We tend to be pretty introverted during the rainy days, so this evening was no different. Here are a few of my favorite things around the house tonight, the lighting just seemed to fit the mood. Coincidentally, they are things representing old and new life.

The camera collection is new to me; a friend who lost her husband last year was a photographer and wished his collection would be passed to another photographer. She was kind enough to allow them to live with me. They will be put to good use in the coming months when I do a project mixing digital and film. Our Lady Guadalupe also belonged to a dear friend lost.  She rode with him, then with me, and now keeps her serene face towards life in our home. Not being a highly religious gal, I certainly recognize her importance to others, but to me she is simply a reminder of his spirit. The rose and eucalyptus are from a bouquet I made last week, although it is wilting this week, it brought good vibes into our house. New life with many thanks to past life lived.

aroundthehouse-2 aroundthehouse-8 aroundthehouse-1 aroundthehouse-7 aroundthehouse-5 aroundthehouse-3 aroundthehouse-6

Sunday Textures

It is raining. Like usual. As much I need to get used to the gray and stormy after 5 years of living in Western Washington, I just can’t quite settle into it.  Today was spent cleaning up the house. We will be headed to the East Coast this week amongst our normal oh-so-important day job obligations, so we will not have time to keep it up. Mid-mop, I decided that the textures around the house are really inspiring and can make an outside dreary day pretty cozy inside. (Or maybe it is the apple spice candle…)