Easy DIY Apron

I cook a lot. You probably already know that from the many food themed blogs of the last few years.  Cooking a lot = lots of messes. Sometimes those messes end up on your favorite shirt and you find the need for an apron.

I’ve had this round table cloth- hanging out around the house for some time now. It was time it was put to good use.  I don’t have a round table and its clearly too small to make curtains.  Thanks to Martha, I found the right basic pattern to make even more simple. No pockets necessary for this gal, so I forgot all about the need to fold, add a couple extra seams, and just cut the entire pattern up about 6 inches. This made a plain front apron that hit me about the knees.

Cut out your pattern, alter as needed. Pin to ironed fabric. Cut to pattern. With a little ironing turning a hem that is about 1/2 inch wide. Turn again another 1/2 inch on all sides and iron. Sew each seam. Make you waist and neck straps in the same fashion. Attach and VIOLA! Apron City. No more splashes on my clothes any more.

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A sweet little project

I know this sweet little boy who loves trains, but loves to be in the kitchen with his Mom just a little bit more. She has started a small specialty catering business and has been “pintesting” a whole bunch of recipes lately.  This Mom called me and comissioned me to make a special Chef’s apron just for her little guy.  I found the perfect print and the perfect time to finish it this weekend. I can’t wait to see him working hard in the kitchen wearing his new made “JUST for him” apron… and a another little suprise I can’t quite tell… (the package is in the mail). Bon Appétit Jake!

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