Hattie- Class of 2015

This Senior Portrait Session was extra sentimental for me, since Hattie is like a little sister. You may recognize her from many photo sessions I have done with her family at Ritter Farms.  I remember her as a baby, as a sweet little girl, and have had a great getting to know her as the amazing young woman that she is. This girl is going places. When she graduates from Cle Elum-Roslyn High School she is off to study at the Evergreen State College– here in Olympia and the family could not be more excited for her.  She has been in 4H as a champion, an athlete, an amazing friend, and a gentle soul off to do more great things!

We took to Snoqualmie for this senior session- a good halfway point for both of us. The weather was perfect, we braved crowds, walked a thin line on a few laws, and enjoyed the afternoon together.  Wishing Hattie all the best in her adventures ahead!

Hattie-1a Hattie-12a Hattie-10b Hattie-9a Hattie-13b

Senior Hikaru Class of 2015

Senior Year is nearly finished for many Pacific Northwest high school students.

I had the pleasure of working with Hikaru, a Senior from Packwood HS and exchange student from Japan. We took to the Washington State Capitol for this photo session on a clear and very brisk morning. The flowers were in full spring bloom.

Hikaru had the opportunity to make her journey to the US through a high school exchange. She has been enjoying the adventure so far and will return to Japan in the summer to finish out another year of school before deciding on college.  This very bright young woman will do great in whatever she does- the adventure continues!  Good Luck to you Hikaru!

Senior3aSenior2a  Senior5a Senior10a

My Back Yard

When the sun comes out after a gloomy winter, we go immediately to the back yard.  We have worked for a few years to make it just the spot to enjoy when that bright light makes its way to the great Northwest.

I have been feeling sapped of all of my creativity in the last few weeks since we’ve had what can only be described as a weird April around here, and I am looking forward to a better month of May.  Here are a few snaps from my afternoon prepping the garden and spending time with my sweet girls.

BackYard1 BackYard2 BackYard3 BackYard4

Glorious Spring

Season changes can make the world of difference. Here in the great PNW, the first day of spring brought giant clouds in a bright blue sky.  I had to take full advantage and get out there- my creativity has finally escaped the winter blues.

Spring1 Spring2 Spring4 Spring3 Spring5

Fun & Games

Just because we don’t have children of our own yet, doesn’t mean we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy all that spring has to offer in the way of kid activities.  As a kid, I loved our hometown easter egg hunt, and loved to find treats hiding in the grass. Now that all of our closest friends have kids, its the perfect opportunity for fun. This was the third annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house.  We stuffed and hid 200 plastic eggs filled with spring surprises for our favorite 5 kids to find.  This year was particularly fun, since they are all kindergarten to 3rd grade, the perfect amount of competition.  We also had a gunny sack race, three-legged race with the dads and a shoe kick competition.  I was so concerned that the kids would be bored at our house without having all the kid things they are used to, but it turns out they just wanted to hop our little back yard fence, color with chalk, and play ball.  What a perfect way to welcome spring. Easter-9 Easter-10 Easter-15 Easter-16 Easter-14 Easter-8

One of the few

Today I spent some time in Puyallup, Washington taking in the last of a dying tradition. Puyallup Valley used to be known as the premier place to grow bulbs for tulips and daffodils.  The street signs in town clearly indicate a proud herritage of Daffodil Farms.  I visited one of the last two daffodil farms in the area, which has decided to call it quits after generations (90 years!) of farming.  The area is sprawling and the farm will most likely be purchased for futher development.  When walking to the main storefront of Van Lierop’s, many extra things are for sale above and beyond flowers.  I managed to pick up 3- 80 year old bulb boxes.  They will gain new life as garden boxes for my greens gardent this summer.  Plows, buckets, wheel barrows and miscelaneous farm equiptment have hand priced tags.

The fields are still blooming. When I romanticize about fields of flowers- I see rows and rows of golden yellow blooms. This is not the case at Van Lierop’s, as the flowers are picked before they bloom. I managed to find a small batch that had survived the daily cut, that are tucked in rows of green overlooked by Mt. Rainier. I will get my fill of endless blooms in the coming weeks up near Mt. Vernon I suppose.

Although an era is ending for Van Lierop’s Bulb farm, they take pride in their flowers and are clearly loved by the community.  Perhaps who ever purchases the farm will continue the legacy…

Daffodil1 Daffodil2 Daffodil3 Daffodil4 Daffodil6 Daffodil5